Terrene Hookah is an Albuquerque-local lounge and hookah retail store that has been serving New Mexico for the past 10 years. Based off the Egyptian-style decor of an old building with an upscale interior, Terrene provides a unique and cozy atmosphere for shisha connoisseurs.

While many hookah lounges and retailers do not take health into account, we at Terrene Hookah, perform as much trial-and-error research as possible to ensure the cleanest and safest methods for enjoying our favorite pastime. 

Our Evolution and What's Next

Established in 2010, Terrene Hookah was created to offer the best Albuquerque hookah experience in a cozy atmosphere.

The year 2020 marks the beginning of the next phase in the business of hookah for many lounges and tobacco retailers. New laws and regulations restrict the hookah business and force many of our kind to look to alternative income options. We ended last year with the age restriction increase to 21+ and then we were hit with the Covid-19 pandemic.

This website update is partially the result of our current conditions and social distancing mandates. Hopefully, the outcome is a deeper connection with hookah-smokers, such as yourself, regardless of our limitations for in person social interaction.

With the help of your patience and support, we are able to make your health and safety our number one concern during the pandemic and at all times considered.

How We Are Managing During the Pandemic

Covid-19 has been a huge setback for the majority of Albuquerque businesses, Terrene Hookah included. It has caused us to limit our hours of operation, change our sales methods, and reduce hours for employees. We are taking this opportunity to improve the business and introduce contactless sales options, such as email invoicing and online sales for non-tobacco items (please see 'accessories' section for products).

During the Covid-19 pandemic and always, our number one priority is the health and safety of our customers. We use only natural coconut husk charcoal and the highest quality of products in the lounge. The business follows all CDC guidelines and state regulations.