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Smoking hookah is saving lives. (Well, not literally). We aren’t not talking about typical smoke breaks in back alleyways or at reggae concerts. I’m talking about the smoke that brings people together: the kind you can find at Terrene Hookah. While there are so many places in Albuquerque to partake in this Mediterranean bonding ritual, Terrene Hookah attracts a diverse crowd of all shapes, occupations, and regions of the country. From business folk to college students, from double dates to singles looking to spend a night out, from locals to travelers just passing through, there is no “one-kind of person” that comes to Terrene. With a chill-lounge feel that you can’t get anywhere else, we invite you in to experience the Terrene family and come be a part of our story: the story we call life.


From the college kid who likes martial arts to the quiet tourist, from the local hookah connoisseur, to the common restaurant critic, from the unconventional business person (who is a closet Trekkie), from students to professionals, Terrene Hookah is a world unlike anywhere else; Right in your New Mexican backyard.


This blog is dedicated to those unbelievable people from the Terrene community. Their stories are so diverse, it seems every person in Terrene family has a crazy story you have to hear. We found that when people communed over some of the tastiest hookah smoke around, we see what Terrene Hookah is really about: family.


But wait, not only will their stories be here, but there will also be blogs specifically dedicated to shisha products and hookahs. With Terrene’s expertise, you too can be a shisha snob in the hookah scene.

In short, Terrene is bringing people together, one smoky bowl at a time. Come be a part of our

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Terrene Hookah

106 Vassar Dr SE,

Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone. 505-265-9116

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