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Even though we don’t scream it, Terrene Hookah is not just a place for the guys to hang. Just ask Cami, Alexa, and Monica. Originating from different parts of New Mexico, the femme trio recognizes what a special and rare place Terrene is. “It’s so weird,” said Alexa, “We’re here for hours and we almost never check our phones. And now that I think about it, that is really unique. It’s the only place we can come and unwind after a long day at school.”


With a stress-free atmosphere, the lounge is outfitted for both entertainment, a good studying space, and for easy conversation. Via wifi, there is internet accessibility, as well as Rockbot (an interactive jukebox system controlled by patrons’ smartphones). Many who frequent Terrene find they connect deeper though hookah smoking sessions and the culture that is special to Terrene.

With comfy couches, your choice of drinks and teas, and even the ability to choose your own music with Rockbot, ladies as well as guys find Terrene Hookah to the perfect blend of chill and comfort. “I love the diversity that you can find here,” Monica says, as she takes a puff of her favorite shisha. From dates to long chats, to local New Mexicans to travelers whose hookah knowledge comes from other nations, there is no “one kind” of person that frequents Terrene. Rather, all shisha supporters come together to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smoke that reflect the diverse town Terrene calls home.


Cami, a UNM student recognizes how much Terrene reflects the Duke City. “Whenever I want to go out, this is one of the first places I go. It’s a staple of Albuquerque.” Being that Albuquerque is home to both fellas and ladies, we were really curious as to why ladies like coming to Terrene. Alexa, answered perfectly, “Do you want an environment where you don’t have to be anything other than yourself? Then come to Terrene!”

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Terrene Hookah

106 Vassar Dr SE,

Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone. 505-265-9116

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